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There are certain times of the year when the risk of being in a slip and fall accident is higher.  It is no surprise that winter, and especially the holiday season, brings with it conditions that increase the likelihood of a fall accident.

The coldest weeks of the year bring with them roads and pathways covered with ice, snow and sleet that make for very slippery and dangerous conditions. You might be at risk of a fall when you slip on roads made wet by ice and snow. In fact, even the simple act of walking on such roads increases the potential threat of a fall accident that can leave you with serious injuries.  This is especially true with the black ice conditions that Atlanta and the north Georgia area commonly sees during the winter months.

The winter holiday season has its own specific threats that increase the risk of a slip and fall accident.  This is not only because it occurs during the coldest part of the year, but holiday shopping, entertaining and attending parties all increase the likelihood that you will be out and about in the treacherously slippery conditions, instead of being safe at home.   If the area where you are walking has not been properly maintained for winter conditions, your risk of sustaining a fall and being injured is even greater.