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How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accident Injuries in Winter

Winter  is coming,  and with it comes the risk of slip and fall accidents that can result in  serious personal injuries.  Doctors are warning pedestrians, especially the elderly, to be extra cautious while walking during the season.

Atlanta sees  more than its share of snowy, wet and icy conditions during winter, and these can provide ideal conditions for a slip and fall accident.  Sidewalks  and paths can be covered with black ice that may be invisible, but  treacherous enough to cause a fall.

What is the best thing you could do to prevent a slip and fall accident this winter?  The  answer is surprisingly – walk like a penguin.  Slip and fall safety experts say that walking with short, slow steps is the ideal walking pace to prevent a slip and fall accident this winter.  Use heavy, weighted   steps  and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Avoid walking fast even if the path ahead seems safe and free of ice.  Avoid  taking long strides that can make it hard for you to prevent a fall.

Slip and Fall safety experts say that you should try to cushion yourself to reduce the impact of the fall. If you are right – handed, then try to fall on your left. Try grabbing onto something like a ledge that can break your fall.  Lowering  yourself and breaking speed as you fall can reduce the severity of your injuries. Try to protect your head as you fall.  Head  injuries can be really serious and can be some of the most hard -to- treat injuries in a slip and fall accident.  Tucking  your head   can help   protect your skull in the event of a fall.

You  should never be texting or otherwise distracted  while walking during any time of the year, but it is even more important for you to be 100% focused on the task of walking during winter.  The risks  of a slip and fall are simply too great and the kind of injuries that result from falls are simply too serious for you to be distracted.

Emergency rooms around Georgia are already seeing an increase in the number of people suffering slip and fall accidents as conditions become wetter and more slippery.  Most of these accidents will result in fractures and other injuries that can be treated.  In some cases, however, injuries can include spinal injuries, head injuries and other injuries that can even result in paralysis or death.

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