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Winter Presents Slip and Fall Accident Risks for Seniors

Snow and ice accumulation, freezing conditions, slippery surfaces – all of these can combine to present dangerous conditions and serious slip and fall accident risks for seniors in Georgia.

Seniors may be at an especially high risk of falls, compared to younger adults, but these risks are more pronounced during the winter. Seniors, in fact, are much more likely to suffer falls during winter, compared to other times of the year due to more dangerous weather and ground conditions.  These accidents can be serious because a senior can take much longer to bounce back from a fall accident that results in fractures and other injuries, compared to a younger person.

A fall may be much more serious in a senior citizen because his bones are brittle and weaker making them more susceptible to a break or a fracture. Young people are much more likely to suffer sprains, while older persons are much more likely to suffer fractures in a slip and fall accident. Additionally, fractures are more difficult to heal in a older individual. Some types of fractures, like hip fractures, can permanently impair or restrict a person’s mobility.

A brain injury is another serious concern in a slip and fall accident involving a senior. A senior’s brain blood vessels are weaker, and the brain is much more likely to bleed when there has been head trauma after a slip and fall. A brain injury can have long-term consequences like memory loss, and reduction in cognitive functioning. A spinal cord injury is another serious consequence of a fall accident involving an elderly person. All of these are serious injuries that may restrict or completely impair a person’s mobility and movement, leading to long-term medical expenses.

This winter, reduce your chances of being involved in a slip and fall accident. Avoid shoveling snow and ice from your driveway, if you can. Get someone else to do it for you. Many seniors suffer falls in their home or driveway. Other accidents may occur when the person is going about his outdoor chores, like grocery shopping. If your loved one is a senior, make sure that you get emergency medical attention for him or her after a fall. Some injuries may not show up immediately.  A fracture, for instance, may not show up as excruciating pain right away.

Any injury involving trauma to the head must immediately be checked out. For instance, look for signs of confusion or disorientation after a slip and fall that has involved head trauma, even if there is no external sign of an injury like bleeding or swelling. Don’t ignore abdominal injuries either. Internal bleeding is a serious risk for a senior who suffers any type of blunt force trauma.

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