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Workers Compensation Claim arises out of Serious Burns in Hall County Electrical Accident

A worker at a wastewater treatment plant in Hall County has suffered serious burn injuries in an electrical accident this week.This type of accident generally results in a complex workers compensation claim. The workers compensation insurance company often launches an immediate investigation to determine if there is any basis to deny the claim. The insurance company will then work hard to direct the person’s care to limit their financial exposure in the matter. As Atlanta workers compensation attorneys are well aware, it is important for workers injured in severe accidents to obtain counsel as soon as reasonably possible.

Also, this type of accident often results in a personal injury claim against a third party. For instance, the injuries may have resulted from a defective product or the negligence of a third party who previously worked on the device. Accordingly, a worker should make certain that the incident is thoroughly investigated for any potential third party personal injury claim.

The man, an electrician, was apparently the employee of a subcontractor, and was working at the County- owned Spout Springs Water Reclamation Facility when the electrical panel he was working on, exploded.The man suffered serious burn injuries, and was rushed to the Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the premier burn treatment facilities in the country.

According to the Hall County Fire Department, the worker was trying to locate some blown fuses, when the electrical accident caused a flash fire.As a result of the flash fire, the worker sustained second-degree burns to his arms and hands.The man was an employee of MacArthur Electric.

Burn injuries are some of the most common injuries sustained in an electrical accident.Electrical burn injuries may have deeper surface penetration, and may be much more serious than other kinds of burns in the workplace.The risk of serious electrical accidents and burn injuries may exist everywhere-from the workplace to your home.Burns may be caused due to the use of defective electrical tools, appliances or other electrical products.If these products have exposed or loose wiring or malfunctioning components, a user may be at a high risk of an electrical shock.

Burn injuries in the workplace typically involve workers who work in close proximity to power lines and sources of electricity, like electricians.Construction workers may also be at a high risk of electrical accidents, because of malfunctioning tools.Besides, crane operators may be at a high risk of electrocution from contact with high-voltage overhead power lines.

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