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Motorcyclists in Atlanta and throughout Georgia at Risk from Car Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents occur in the daytime and at intersections, and can usually be linked to motorist failure to see the motorcyclist in time.As an Atlanta injury lawyer, I find that some of the most serious and debilitating injuries arise out of motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist is far more likely to be injured in an auto accident than a passenger in a car. As the year’s biking season kicks off, Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys would advise motorists to exercise extra caution.

Georgia’s motorcyclists will enjoy the warm spring weather, after what has been at times, a horribly cruel winter.The weather being as pleasant as it is, motorists can expect not just local Georgia motorcyclists, but also motorcyclists from neighboring states on their way to southern destinations.However, with the increase in motorcyclists, comes an increased risk of accidents.Biking season is the right time to remind drivers that most motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists and drivers of other vehicles, and not motorcyclists.

In Georgia at least, we have noticed a trend of blaming motorcyclists every time there’s an accident involving these riders.Most people are quick to assume that it’s motorcyclists who disobey traffic laws, ride too fast, and try stunts on the motorcycle.Nothing could be further from the truth.Most motorcyclists are aware that any foolish behavior can have devastating consequences for them, and not so much for the occupants of the other vehicle involved in the crash.

Unfortunately, most of these accidents are caused by negligent motorists. For instance, motorcycle accidents at intersections can be avoided if drivers take care to be especially alert when they’re making a left turn.

Earlier this month, law-enforcement in Georgia initiated the Look Twice, Save a Life campaign aimed at urging motorists to be more vigilant and look out for motorcyclists.Authorities should focus even harder on motorcycling safety this spring.

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