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Car Accident Prone intersection is Finally Revised

For years now, the intersection of Newnan Road and Olympic Dr. in Carroll County Georgia has been one of the most dangerous intersections in the state.For the past five years alone, this intersection has been the scene of more than 50 auto accidents.These accidents have resulted in one wrongful death and at least 15 other personal injuries.Finally, construction work to enhance safety at the intersection and make it safer, has begun. As an Atlanta injury lawyer, although we are glad to see the intersection improved, we are disappointed that it took over 50 car accidents for the work to finally begin.

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners had voted back in November to move forward with a construction project that would allow for a smoother flow of traffic around what is normally a very busy intersection.This would not only facilitate easy movement of traffic, but also reduce the number of accidents that occur at this intersection.However, work was delayed because of power and utility companies that had to move lines from the area.Last week, AT&T completed the process of moving its cable lines, and now, construction work can finally go ahead.

Making this intersection safer for all residents of Carroll County has been a challenge.There have been several efforts made to calm traffic in this area, and reduce the risk of accidents.However, many of these initiatives had been shot down by transportation authorities.The Georgia Department of Transportation, for instance, rejected calls for a traffic light and a roundabout at the intersection amid concerns about traffic backup and other issues.

According to the engineers, the new design for the intersection should reduce the possibility of accidents at the intersection by as much as 70%.

Very often, Atlanta car accident attorneys notice that accidents are caused because ofroad defects in the design of the roadway.Many of these roads were constructed decades ago, when demographics and traffic situations were different.A seemingly safe street could quickly turn dangerous in a couple of years, when the population in an area grows rapidly, or when more numbers of motorists begin using that road to get to a destination.The Georgia Department of Transportation as well as local and county agencies should be more proactive about periodically evaluating the design of busy streets and intersections, and making changes to these roadways to alleviate car accident risks.

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