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What You Need to know about Winter Roads for Safe Motorcycling

Winter roads can be treacherous for motorcyclists, and a slick, wet road can be an accident waiting to happen. An experienced motorcyclist knows that it is very important to be aware of the road conditions that you are travelling on to avoid accidents.

Motorcycling during winter comes with its own set of challenges, and some of these can be very serious. Every motorcyclist knows that it’s important to stay within safe speed zones while motorcycling in winter.

Black ice is a common cause of accidents during winter. If you see something resembling ice on the road in front of you, stay clear of it. Contrary to what you think, black ice isn’t exactly black in color.  It only looks that way, because it is transparent and simply reflects the color of the road asphalt beneath. While motorcycling, you may sometimes come across black ice which forms when sections of the road are exposed to extreme cold as well as water. The water could come in the form of melting snow or rain.

Some particular sections of the road could be much more likely to see an accumulation of black ice, including elevated sections of roads and bridges. These areas are much more likely to be exposed to the cold first, and could see a quicker accumulation of ice.

Congested roads are also much more likely to have patches of black ice. Dense traffic leads to the accumulation of black ice because slow-moving traffic is less likely to provide the kind of heat that is necessary to prevent the formation of ice.  Black ice can be slippery and, because it’s so easy to miss, can catch a motorcyclist off guard.  A situation like this can easily cause a motorcyclist to skid, throwing him off his vehicle.

Also look out for salt damage to your motorcycle as a result of the wet roads. Salt is often used on Georgia highways and roads to manage snow and ice accumulation. However, this salt doesn’t wash away quickly. It can take several rain showers for all of the salt to be washed away from the road and, even then, some of it can still be stuck in crevices and cracks. Salt can definitely get on your motorcycle, and begin corroding important components, causing possibly serious damage. Clean your motorcycle thoroughly and look out for salt damage, which is a common cause of malfunctioning motorcycles during winter.

Look out for wet, slippery roads, and patches of black ice, and make sure that your motorcycle is safe from salt-rusting this winter. Just these few steps can keep you motorcycling safely throughout the winter months.

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