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White House Calls for Emphasis on Motorcycle Safety

Safety organizations in Georgia and around the country are marking the month of May as National Motorcycle Safety Month, and President Joe Biden himself recently issued a statement recognizing the importance of prioritizing the safety of motorcyclists.

This May, transportation safety agencies in Georgia have planned a number of programs to bring awareness to motorcycle safety issues. The Georgia Department of Driver Services Commissioner says that it is important for all Atlanta drivers and motorcyclists to understand that motorcyclists and riders can be kept safe through a combination of avoiding distracting behaviors, staying within speed limits and respecting the rights of all on the road.

Georgia has an admirable record as far as motorcycle safety is concerned in that the state is one of just 19 other states and the District of Columbia that have passed universal motorcycle helmet laws. These laws require all persons riding a motorcycle to be wearing a helmet at the time.

Moreover, the Georgia Department of Driver Services also has its Motorcycle Safety Program that provides motorcycle safety training programs designed for motorcyclists of all levels.  This means that whether you are an amateur motorcyclist who is just riding for the first time, or an experienced motorcyclist of several years, you will find a training program that meets your requirements.  These programs take a motorcyclist from the basics to the most advanced motorcycle skills.   These programs are conducted by certified Rider Coaches who are not only professionally trained, but also undergo regular development programs that help them further hone their riding and teaching skills.

Motorcycle safety is not something that only concerns motorcyclists. Drivers of all vehicles must also be aware of the risks that motorcyclists face when they are on the road. There are more motorcyclists on Georgia highways and roads now than there used to be in the past, and therefore, there is no longer any excuse for failing to notice and avoid motorcyclists sharing the roads with you.

Always stay within posted speed limits.  High speeds can prevent you from braking in time to avoid a motorcyclist. Also avoid distractions while driving. Distracted motorists are much more likely to miss motorcycles in front of them with possible tragic consequences. Switch off that cell phone, and avoid snacking and other distracting activities while driving. Even taking your eyes off the roads for a few seconds is sufficient time to cause an accident that injures not just the occupants of your car, but the motorcyclist as well.

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