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NHTSA Launches New Critical Recall Safety Feature on Website

Recalls on cars can be made for a number of issues, most of which in safety concerns.  These can include faulty brakes, seatbelts and even headlights.  A number of recent car recalls have involved vehicles that are at risk of engine fires even when they are parked.  The federal administration has recently launched a new feature on its website that specifically alerts owners to the dangers of fires and other critical safety risks with these defective automobiles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides information about car safety recalls on its website.  However, a number of recently recalled vehicles have involved critical safety risks like engine fires.  In 2022 alone, Kia Motors and Hyundai have initiated recalls of more than 485,000 automobiles because of engine fire risks. The risk in all of these automobiles is that the cars can catch fire not only when they are being operated, but also when they are parked. The companies admit that they have received at least 11 reports of fires that occurred in these automobiles, although none of these resulted in injuries.

Any kind of car fire can lead to catastrophic consequences.  In the case of a car that is being driven, both driver and passengers could be at risk of injuries. In the case of a parked car, it is not just the car that is at risk of fire damage, but cars parked nearby as well as structures are also at risk of major damage. Recalls of such cars are critically important because of the risk of injuries as well as property damage.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that it had launched a safety feature on its website that would alert consumers about the critical nature of such recalls. This would come in the form of a red alert box that would pop up on the top of the page if the automobile comes with a “do not drive” warning or a “fire risk” alert. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking motorists to understand that if their car is featured on a recall page on the agency’s website with the red alert, it is important that they do not drive the vehicle and contact the automaker for recall repairs.  The agency is also asking owners not to drive their vehicles until the repairs are completed.

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