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“Risky Behavior” Could Increase Post Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury occurs when there is a jolt or blow to the head, and this can occur in any number of accidents, like an auto accident or a slip and fall accident.  A fall does not have to occur from a height for an injury to occur.  A fall that occurs when a person is walking or when he trips or slips, could also result in a blow to the head that is serious enough to cause an injury.

We are constantly learning about the many ways in which a traumatic brain injury can continue to impact victims of car accidents, slip and fall accidents or other types of accidents.  It goes without saying that a catastrophic brain injury can affect every aspect of a victim’s life and his or her loved ones.  Scientists recently analyzed the findings of five different studies on risk-taking behavior in rats, and determined that brain injuries can affect decision- making abilities.

Studies on decision -making abilities in humans after a traumatic brain injury have earlier been conducted through the Iowa Gambling Task. In this experiment involving decks of cards, subjects are made to choose from decks of cards, and understand over a period of time that two out of 4 decks involve high rewards and higher risk of losses, while the remaining two decks involve lower risks and lower rewards. This experiment was the basis for the Rodent Gambling Task in which researchers used sugar pellets to encourage the rodents. The animals were made to choose among four ports, two of which involved a large number of pellets, but also a higher punishment in the form of a timeout.

The experiments were conducted during the pandemic over a period of months and involved more than 100 rats. In their findings, the researchers say that they did not find that the traumatic brain injury increased risk behavior, but rather that the injury seemed to lower the reaction or sensitivity to outcome. This sensitivity was not absolute. In other words, the researchers also found that salient information when provided could help in changing outcomes.

Another important finding was that the same level of traumatic brain injury did not result in the same level of risky actions. The scientists believe that this is a key finding that could translate into the human population as well.

Behavioral or personality changes are common after a brain injury, and there may be many degrees or levels of changes. Symptoms and behaviou=ral changes can vary from person to person and case to case. An individual may suffer a concussion that leads to serious changes in personality, while others may suffer more traumatic brain injuries and still not suffer the same level of personality changes as the person with the concussion.

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