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Why Winter Poses a Serious Risk of Dog Bites in Atlanta

Winter depression is a very common occurrence in human beings.  But did you know that it can also affect dogs?  This could possibly be why dogs become aggressive, making them much more likely to be involved in bites or attacks, during the winter time.

Seasonal affective disorder is a fairly common winter-related condition that occurs in human beings. This is a type of depression, that is caused due to the fact that human beings spend less time outdoors during winter. The lack of exposure to sunlight and the dark and gloomy conditions causes symptoms that are very similar to those in depression.

There is evidence that something very similar also occurs in our canine friends. The long, dark days, and the lack of their usual physical activity outdoors could possibly cause dogs to experience some of the same type of symptoms,  including irritability and aggressiveness.  These types of weather conditions could cause dogs to exhibit behaviors that are not similar to their normal behaviors.

According to dog experts, seasonal affective disorder could cause dogs to become aggressive. They may be more likely to bark, and they might demand more attention. In some cases, the dog may actually appear to become withdrawn. The dog may have less interest in participating in its usual physical activities, like walking outside. Dog experts say that some breeds like Scottish terriers, bulldogs, and boxers are much more likely to be susceptible to the effects of seasonal affective disorder than others.

So how do you make sure that Max continues to remain his usual exuberant self, and does not become irritable during winter?

Experts suggest that you try to maintain a similar routine for your dog during the winter months as you do the remaining months of the year. If it is not dangerous to walk outside, then go on regular walks with your dog. If you are stuck indoors because of the weather, you can still provide your pet with plenty of opportunities for play and exercise. Look at indoor games, brain teasers and other activities to stimulate your dog’s mind, and keep the winter blues away.

Improve indoor lighting – this can definitely stimulate a dog’s mood. Light boxes are proven to have a positive impact on human mood during dark days, and can also impact a dog similarly. Full spectrum lighting can definitely help both humans as well as dogs. Overall, it is very important for owners to continue to maintain interaction with their dogs, even when it seems too gloomy and depressing to do so. Doing so might not only help improve the dog’s mood, but also reduce the chances of him biting someone.

A dog bite can be a traumatic experience, and can result in serious medical expenses, including the need for surgeries to reduce scarring. If your loved one has been injured in a dog bite, talk to an Atlanta premises liability attorney at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers, and determine whether you have legal options for a claim for damages. Your claim could include damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.



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