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Tips to Avoid Being Involved in Chain Reaction Car Accidents this Winter

Chain reaction auto accidents that involve multiple vehicles are a serious threat during the winter season. With winter storms and blizzards in many parts of the country, including Georgia recently, it is important for motorists to understand that these are some of the most treacherous conditions that they could be driving in.

Many parts of Georgia, especially the north, typically see several snowstorms over the winter season. If you are a motorist in Georgia or plan to travel around the state over winter, it is likely that you will come across some kind of snow storm or other wintry or icy road conditions.  It is important for motorists to understand that these are some of the most treacherous and hazardous weather conditions for a motorist to drive in.  Multi-vehicle chain reaction car accidents that initially start off with a single vehicle or two are common during the winter months. Elsewhere around the country, several multi vehicle accidents have resulted in serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths this winter season.

Protect  yourself  against being involved in a multi vehicle auto accident this winter by following these tips.

Avoiding a chain reaction accident simply comes down to keeping plenty of distance between your car and the cars around you.  Make sure that your car is at least one car length behind the car in front of you for every 10 miles per hour which you are traveling. For instance, if you are traveling 30 miles per hour, you should be at least 3 car lengths behind the car in front of you. Consumer  Reports offers this practical test to determine whether you are safely following the vehicle in front of you.  Identify a lamp post or pole ahead of you and check when the car in front of you passes by the pole.  At least three seconds should pass before your car also passes the pole.

At the same time, make sure that the car behind you is not tailgating you.  If  you find that a motorist behind you is driving too close,  do whatever is reasonably necessary to ensure that the car is able to pass you safely so that it is no longer a threat to you. For instance, you may wish to pull off the roadway simply to let the other car pass.

Keep a safe buffer zone around your car at all times.  Don’t pass by or loiter around other cars or trucks. Being too close to other vehicles is the surest way of ensuring that you will also be involved in any kind of collision in which they are involved.

Do not make sudden changes in your driving.  For instance, avoid braking too suddenly or speeding up too quickly.

Watch all signs on the road carefully.  You are likely to find signs alerting you about frozen roads ahead, which is a reminder about the dangers of black ice that can be dangerously slippery to drive on.

As much as possible, avoid driving during icy weather conditions. However, if you have to drive, follow these steps to ensure safe driving over the winter season.

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