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Brain Injury Association Launches Concussion Awareness Coalition

Concussions are some of the most common head injuries that occur in car accidents and motorcycle accidents, but are often ignored with sometimes serious consequences.  It is this mindset that the nation’s premier brain injury advocacy group will seek to change with a new initiative.

The Brain Injury Association of America in collaboration with Abbott recently launched a coalition of more than 20 brain injury advocacy groups.  The coalition called Concussion Awareness Now will conduct education campaigns across the country in order to raise awareness about the possibly serious consequences of concussions.

According to experts, concussions are often brushed aside as minor injuries.  These injuries sometimes can result in no loss of consciousness and no bleeding.  There may be no swelling or inflammation at the site of the injury.  The lack of any visible symptoms can sometimes spur people into a sense of complacency, and many victims who have suffered a concussion may not even seek medical treatment.

This mindset definitely needs to change.  A concussion results when the head or skull suffer a severe blow to the head.  This kind of injury typically results from car accidents, motorcycle accidents or bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents, and are  especially likely to be seen in those types of accidents in which people are not wearing any kind of head protection.  Having said that, wearing a helmet by itself is not a guarantee against a concussion.  For  example, concussions can occur even when a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet during an accident.

The lack of initial symptoms after a concussion must not be brushed aside, and victims need to get to a hospital immediately to ensure that there has been no damage. Concussion Awareness Now recently conducted a survey which found that more than half of persons who suffered a concussion or suspected that they had a concussion never bothered to get the injury checked out by a doctor. You do not have to be involved in an auto accident to suffer a concussion. Any kind of accident like a fall that involves you striking your head against a hard object can cause a concussion. The long-term impacts of a concussion can include memory loss, lack of concentration, inattention, diminishment of executive functioning, fatigue, and irritability.

If you have suffered any kind of blow to the head, get the injury checked out by a doctor immediately.  Do not simply go on with your daily tasks and routines simply because there are no external signs of an injury or because you feel fine.  Studies show that rest is critically important after suffering a concussion.

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