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The Year’s Most Dangerous Season for Car Accidents is Here

It is the most dangerous time of the year to drive, even more dangerous in fact than winter.  Not  too many people realize it, but fall is the most dangerous season with a motorist’s risk of being involved in car accidents  at its highest during these days.

Auto insurer Carfax recently announced that according to its data, it is autumn and not winter which is the deadliest season of the year for drivers.  In  fact, according to the data, more than 72% of Americans live in states like Georgia where fall is the deadliest season of the year with the highest number of auto accidents recorded.

There are a number of reasons why the risk of car accidents is greater during fall season compared to other times of the year.  The  days are shorter which means fewer daylight hours and greater volumes of driving in the dark when the risks of being involved in an auto accident are at their highest. Only 25% of all travel in the United States occurs during night time, but night time     accounts for  the same number of   accidents every year as day time.  Another  factor contributing to the higher risk of car accidents during autumn is deer. More than 50% of all auto accidents involving deer in the United States occur between October and December. Mating season kicks off during this time, and you will find larger numbers of deer along busy roads.  A  third important reason for the high number of car accidents during fall season is the slippery and wet road surfaces.  Roads may  be  slick because of wet leaves that fall down during storms, and these provide ideal conditions for an auto accident.

Avoid becoming a car accident statistic this autumn by following a few simple steps.  Safe speed is key to staying safe on the road during the season.  Stay within safe speed limits, and ensure that you leave plenty of distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you.  Look  out for deer on routes that see high populations of these animals such as rural areas and forest areas.  Make sure that your car is in  peak condition.  Check  your tires  regularly.  The  sudden dips in temperatures can lead to loss of air.  Be especially  careful   when you travel on roads that are covered with wet leaves.  These  may look harmless, but can be very slippery.  Wet  leaves can also conceal possible dangers like potholes and road bumps.  You might find yourself  staring into glare from the sun in the morning.  Wear  sun shades to protect your eyes from the glare  and maintain optimum visibility.

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