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Brain Injuries May Impact Cardiac Health

We know a lot about the impact of brain injuries on certain areas of a person’s life, including his mental health  and cognitive functioning.  A  new study finds that  a traumatic  brain injury – like the kind that results after a motorcycle accident –  could also significantly impact a person’s cardiac health,  leaving him exposed to the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

According to researchers, there are  a number of risk factors after a  brain injury that may increase the person’s risk  of suffering heart conditions after this type of personal injury.  These factors   include neuroinflammation,  problems with the nervous system and other post -injury symptoms that  could significantly impact cardiovascular functioning.  This  could place the person at risk  of suffering conditions like heart attacks and strokes.

In fact, the researchers believe that  cardiovascular and endocrine disruption  may impact a person’s quality of life and affect his survival rates for decades after the injury.  They also believe that there has not been enough research into the long  – term cardiovascular effects after a brain injury,  with  the result that  we are likely underestimating  the impact of these  effects on survival rates.

Cardiovascular changes after a brain injury, for instance, can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and other conditions that significantly increase the person’s risk of suffering a heart attack.  Brain injuries can result in  inflammation of   neural pathways that can, in turn, cause hardening of the arteries. Other factors like weight gain can also exacerbate the risks of cardiovascular disease.  Lack  of sufficient sleep is another possible risk factor.   The researchers say that it is important for doctors  to work together with other specialists, including cardiac specialists, to monitor and manage these changes and reduce their impact on the person’s health.

A  brain injury can also affect  other areas of a person’s life, including his cognitive and mental functioning.  There may be problems in concentration and memory,  and cognitive function can be affected.  A  traumatic  brain injury is also linked to personality changes, including  anger outbursts.  The person  may suffer from depression,  mood swings  and other mental health conditions that impact his ability to live a joyful life. It is for all these reasons as well as many others, that it is important to include all damages in any brain injury claim after a motorcycle accident. While brain injuries can occur in any serious car accident,  pedestrian accident,  or truck accident,  they are especially more likely to occur in motorcycle accidents.

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