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Federal Grants Aimed at Preventing Trucking Accidents

The federal government under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is funding  transportation projects across the country, and recently announced funding for new initiatives that would help  speed up commercial driver’s licensing processes and, if these drivers are effectively trained, help prevent truck accidents.

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced in a press release that it would release $48 million in funding grants to states and other entities.  This money would be used to increase opportunities for people who wish to train as truck drivers and obtain commercial driver’s licenses, as well as other efforts aimed at increasing the number of experienced  and trained truck drivers on our highways.  Approximately $44 million, for instance, would be used for expanding commercial drivers license programs through the Commercial Drivers License Program Implementation Grant.  States would receive funding to speed up the process of issuance of commercial drivers licenses.

The funds would also be used to make it easier for states to communicate with each other about violations and other data electronically.

Other trucking safety initiatives that would be funded with these grants  include implementation of safety measures outlined in the national Roadway Safety Strategy. The remaining money would be used in efforts to expand   recruitment and training opportunities for veterans, their family members as well as refugees and other deserving persons who are interested in exploring opportunities as truck drivers.  Both current and past serving members of the US Armed Forces will be given priority in their efforts to pursue a commercial driver license.

A well- trained and experienced truck driving force is crucial for our economy as it begins to recuperate after the pandemic.  The need for experienced truckers to ship food, groceries and medical supplies and other products across the country is a serious issue. With the ramping up of trucking operations comes the question of the quality of the truck drivers manning these massive vehicles.  A trucking company’s ability to hire and retain qualified, experienced and trained drivers goes a long way in not just ensuring  the success of the company, but also the safety of the truck drivers and other motorists with whom they share the roads. Trucking companies that have difficulty retaining drivers may end up spending a lot of effort, money and resources in hiring new drivers and training them up to the standards required by the trucking industry.  Inexperienced and ill-trained trucking drivers are a major trucking safety hazard, and contribute to hundreds of truck accidents every year  in Georgia and across the country. Accordingly, it is extremely important that this new program include safeguards to make certain any new drivers are fully and properly trained.

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