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Technology to Help Prevent Fall Accidents

Older persons may have a high risk of suffering injuries in a slip and fall accident. Fortunately, we now have devices and technology that can significantly help reduce those risks.

Over the past decade, an entire array of gadgets and devices has been introduced primarily with the goal of helping prevent fall-related injuries involving seniors and other vulnerable populations. From sensors and alarms, to watches and hip-protecting devices, there are a number of technologies that have been introduced to help reduce the risk of injuries in fall accidents involving older people. These technologies range from systems that are in place in facilities like nursing homes to wearable devices that prevent fall risks.

One study by the American Journal of Managed Care found that a camera system powered by artificial intelligence and installed in nursing homes can help reduce the risk of injurious fall accidents involving seniors by a staggering 75 percent. The system can help reduce the number of ER visits after a fall by 80 percent. The study found that the use of the system combined with staff reviews of footage of falls and near-falls involving residents, greatly helped minimize risks.

Devices that help reduce the risk of potentially serious or injurious accidents can also help reduce the severity of fall accidents involving seniors. For instance, inflatable or wearable hip protectors have been available for a while now. These are based on sensors that detect when a person is about to fall and immediately inflate to provide protection to critically important hip areas. These unobtrusive wearable belts have proven to be very popular among seniors.

Fall detection alarms are especially useful for seniors who live alone. These are wearable devices that can help alert emergency personnel when the senior has suffered a fall at home or when alone. Similar wearable devices with other modifications and variations are also available.  The iPhone has had motion sensors built into earlier models, and the latest iOS operating system update actually builds up on these earlier technologies to provide more insights into a person’s fall risks. The operating system uses data like speed symmetry and other matrixes, analyzes these to assess the person’s steadiness in walking and provides notifications to the user about their walking steadiness. The steadiness is rated as “okay”, “low” or “very low.”  This kind of information could be useful to a senior citizen or any vulnerable user.

When a senior suffers a fall accident, the potential for serious injuries is immense. Most seniors never completely recover from the injuries they suffer in a fall. Hip fractures, for instance, or spinal injuries can be especially devastating for a senior.

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