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Are You At Risk of Road Rage?

Auto accidents caused by road rage are on the rise.   Traffic in the metro Atlanta area is notorious and surely the source of many road rage incidents.  According to some estimates, as many as 1,700 people suffer severe or fatal injuries in accidents caused directly by road rage every year.

Road rage goes beyond being angry or aggressive. Driving a car, especially while alone, can be a stressful situation, and a person driving under stress can make for a dangerous driver. Some people are more like to suffer from road rage. According to experts, persons with a Type A personality who are more competitive and aggressive in their daily lives are also more likely to show aggressive tendencies while driving. These tendencies could actually place them at risk of an accident.

If you are curious about whether you have the makings of an angry driver, ask yourself these questions. Do you often leave home late, and then find yourself irritable that other motorists aren’t giving way for you like they should so you can reach your destination on time? Do you often found yourself cursing at other motorists or making rude gestures? Do you feel like all other motorists around you are bad drivers, and therefore need to be taught a lesson so that they don’t repeat such poor driving behaviors? If you’ve answered “yes” to all of these questions, you may be at risk of road rage and not even know it.

Motorists under the influence of rage can purposely slam the brakes to threaten the motorist who is honking behind them. They might drive too close to other drivers or motorcyclists, and may indulge in other poor driving behaviors that are dangerous not only to them, but also to other motorists on the road.

If you frequently find yourself losing it while driving, consider calming exercises. Breathing can help calm you down because you are focused on your breathing and not on the things around you that you can control but are causing you distress. Listening to calming music in the car can also help put you in a calmer place. Leave from home with plenty of time to reach your destination. Being in a rush is a sure-fire recipe for rage and aggression to kick in. Make sure you are comfortable while driving. If the sun is shining in your eyes directly or you are feeling dehydrated or hungry, you are more likely to feel irritable while driving. Wear sunglasses, and make sure you’re leaving from home, rested and refreshed.  Although you can’t control the driving behaviors of others, these actions may help you in controlling yours.

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