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NHTSA Focuses on Varied Pedestrian Safety Themes This October

The federal administration is marking the month of October as Pedestrian Safety Month, drawing attention to the need for motorists to make more efforts to look out for pedestrians while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has marked the month of October as Pedestrian Safety Month with a singular goal in mind which is to raise awareness of the need to ensure that people can walk safely without the fear of accidents and to keep the safety of pedestrians in mind when they are out at all times. The National Highway Traffic Safety administration is dedicating each week in October to different safety themes.

Week 1 is dedicated to educating the public about the fact that at some point in the day, every person is a pedestrian. Whether you are walking into your office building from the parking lot, or walking home from work, you are still a pedestrian for a certain amount of time. Accidents can occur even in parking areas when motorists fail to look out for pedestrians who may be in the area.

During the second week, the focus is on motorists and their responsibility to look out for pedestrians as they are driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is calling on motorists to be especially careful in high-risk areas where there are more numbers of pedestrians, like school areas or residential neighborhoods. Look out especially closely for children when you are driving around a play ground or park area.   Children can be easy to miss for a motorist who is distracted or speeding.

Week 3 is dedicated to making motorists aware of the need to drive at safe speeds always. Drive at safe speeds, especially when you are in pedestrian-heavy areas like schools. Always make sure that you drop speeds when you enter a school zone.

Week 4 is for making more motorists aware of the fact that many vehicles now come with safety features that specifically focus on reducing the risk to pedestrians. Automatic braking can help avoid a pedestrian in time to avoid serious injuries in an accident while the newer, more advanced headlights can help you see pedestrians even in low -visibility conditions. Back view cameras or rear-view cameras are useful for making sure there are no pedestrians behind your car while backing out.  None of these technologies, however, are substitutes for being aware, attentive and sober while driving.  Week 4 is also focused on the need for safer roads that encourage people to walk safely without any threat to their safety. This is one area that the metro Atlanta region could do well to focus on. Roads that make it easier to walk are not just safer for pedestrians, but better for all.

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