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New  research recently attempted to identify the various types of medications that could exacerbate a senior’s risk of being involved in car accidents, and found that painkillers and antidepressants topped the list.

A senior person may be at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident due to a number of factors.  These  factors include lower vision,  lower hearing abilities,  delayed reaction times,  impaired   judgement abilities,  and one of the most important of all,  the side effects of medications.   A  senior is more likely to suffer from a number of health conditions, including cardiovascular disease,  heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, and  may be on medications for several of these conditions.  Many  of these medications do come with side effects that include  drowsiness,  fatigue,  confusion,  disorientation,  lack of concentration  and other symptoms.

A recent study attempted to identify the specific classifications of drugs that are most dangerous for a senior driver. The researchers followed a group of  senior adults over 10 years of their lives, and focused on their performances on  annual road tests.  The researchers found that seniors who were on certain types of drugs were much more likely to fail their annual tests or score very low on the tests. The biggest culprits  were anti – depressants  and sedatives or sleeping aids which were found to have the most serious impact on senior driving skills. Seniors who used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or over-the-counter painkillers were also much more likely to do poorly on their driving skills tests. The researchers found that when the seniors were on these three different types of drugs, they were more likely to get marginal or failing scores on the driving tests.

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