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Speeding by Female Teen Motorists is a Dangerous Trend

Speeding by Female Teen Motorists Is a Dangerous Trend

A recent survey by insurer Allstate reveals some disturbing trends. A majority of female teen motorists in the survey admitted to driving at excessive speeds, texting while driving, driving aggressively and other dangerous behaviors.

According to the survey, approximately 46% of the girls admitted that they were likely to drive at excessive speeds. In comparison, just 36% of boys admitted to doing so. When it came to distracted driving, girls stole a march over boys again. More than half of the girls said that they frequently texted or talked on the phone while driving. In comparison, only about 38% of the boys in the survey admitted to doing so.

The survey was conducted by an auto insurer, and there’ll be those who wonder if the insurer has released the findings of the survey in time to announce possible plans to raise premium rates for female teen motorists. However, as Atlanta car accident attorneys and parents, we can’t help being concerned about these findings.

Around the country, there has been an increase in other dangerous driving practices by adult women. Several studies have indicated that the numbers of women who are drinking and driving is actually increasing, while the rates of drunk driving among men are declining. Sociologists have an explanation for this. According to them, women are likely to consider drinking in public and driving soon after, as a sign of confidence, aggressiveness and other desirable “masculine” qualities that are highly in demand in the workplace.

It’s very likely that many female teen motorists consider speeding, distracted driving and aggressive driving as desirable behaviors that signify their independence and boldness, both personality traits that might seem highly attractive to teenage girls.

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