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Top Five Most Common Bicycle Accidents

Atlantans will have to get used to more numbers of bicyclists over the next few months as cycling season hits us in earnest. For those bikers who are new to Atlanta streets, it’s very important that you get familiar with the challenges before you.

You’re in luck, however. May is Bicycle Safety Month, not just in Atlanta, but across the country. That means plenty of bicycle promotion and safety awareness programs going on near you.

The risk of accidents is not something that bicyclists want to think about, but the fact is that these occur very frequently on Atlanta streets. Bicycling Magazine has brought out a list of some of the most frequent bicycle accident situations. The list features five of the most common bicycle collisions, and also recommends steps cyclists can take to avoid accidents like these.

From hitting a car backing out of a parking lot to being struck by a driver overtaking you the wrong way – new bicyclists are likely to find several challenges. We would recommend reading the list, and absorbing the safety tips these professional bicyclists have provided.

As Atlanta bicycle accident lawyers, there are some things that we would like bicyclists to remember.

· Remember that motorists may not always be able to see you. For instance, the glare of the summer sun may prevent a motorist from noticing your narrow bicycle. Make sure you’re as visible as possible. Wear brightly colored clothing. Wear reflective clothing at night. Stick reflective strips on your bike.

· Be especially careful while passing multi-exit parking lots to avoid hitting a car driving out of a lot.

· Avoid riding on sidewalks.

· Avoid distracted riding. That means no listening to the iPod or talking on your hands-free set while cycling.

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