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Dog Bite Prevention

The week from May 16 to May 22 is being commemorated as National Dog Bite Prevention Week nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is drawing attention to the fact that more than 1.4 million Americans suffer dog bites every year, a majority of them children.

One particular fact that the CDC wants to draw extra attention to this year, is that most people bitten by a dog have a pet dog in the household. That means your chances of being bitten are higher if you have a pet dog at home. In fact, according to the CDC, your chances of being involved in a dog bite increases with the number of dogs in your home.

It makes sense that people with little children at home should preferably have fewer numbers of dogs. It also makes sense that certain dog breeds are not suited to households with little children. If you’re looking to buy a puppy, make sure that you talk to a professional about this decision. If you can find an animal behaviorist in your area, then consult one about the breed of dog that’s suited your household.

The worst thing you could do is walk into a dog pound, and buy the first dog with dopey eyes you see. You need to know the dog’s history and background. Many dogs that reach dog pounds have a history of abuse and violence. Atlanta dog bite lawyers would not recommend such dogs for homes with small children. It may sound cruel to the animal, but ultimately you must place the safety of your children first. In fact, such dogs are not recommended unless you’re willing to spend the time and effort it takes to help a scared, stressed, and abused animal recover.

Once you have a dog, it’s important to make time to train and socialize it. If you have no idea how to begin, seek help. The worst thing that you could do is chain your dog in the yard, or keep it confined in the four walls of your apartment with no interaction with others. As any Atlanta dog bite lawyer will tell you, these dogs are much more likely to bite.

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