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No Injuries Reported in Atlanta area Nursing Home Roof Collapse

More than 100 residents of a nursing home in Gwinnett County, Georgia were moved to another facility last week, after the roof of their nursing home collapsed.Fortunately, the 109 residents did not suffer injuries during the collapse. As an Atlanta injury lawyer, I have seen a number of roof collapses that did not turn out nearly as well. When it comes to nursing homes, we are generally more focused on nursing home abuse issues.

According to news reports, the collapse occurred around 10 AM on Thursday at the Golden Living Center at 213 Scenic Highway in Lawrenceville.According to facility staff, workers were in the process of replacing the entire roof of the building when the collapse occurred.Apparently, the workers were engaged in removing and replacing roofing materials at the time of the collapse.The collapse occurred in the dining area of the facility.

Fortunately, none of the residents were in the dining area during the collapse.However, there could have been serious injuries if the collapse had occurred later in the day.Just a short while after the collapse, the residents were scheduled to spend some time in the dining area.The residents have now been shifted to other living facilities.

It’s extremely fortunate that all the residents of the nursing home are safe and comfortable now.Most of these people are already in fragile health, and could have suffered serious injuries during the roof collapse.Besides, elderly people may suffer from a number of health conditions that make their ability to recover from injury, even more complicated.For instance, broken bones or fractures in older persons take a much longer time to heal.The elderly have weakened immune systems, and infections can quickly set in after an injury.There may be other complications that may even end in death.It’s the reason why nursing homes must take extra precautions to keep their premises safe and secure at all times.

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