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Fall Prevention Toolkit helps Prevent Hospital Injuries

Normally when you go to a hospital, you believe you will leave better after treatment.  The last thing on your mind is getting hurt in an accident while being treated at a hospital.  However, fall accidents in hospitals are a leading cause of patient injuries in a hospital. Researchers recently analyzed the results of the use of a specially designed fall prevention toolkit among hospital patients, and found that the use of the toolkit significantly helped reduce the risk of fall accidents in the hospital as well as injuries sustained as a result of these accidents.

The study was conducted by researchers who tested a special toolkit that they designed specifically to prevent hospital fall accidents, and included a number of items, including a poster that is designed to be displayed by the side of a patient bed. The toolkit also includes specifically designed prevention plans that can possibly be integrated into electronic health records, and displayed on computer screens.

The researchers tested the usefulness of the toolkit in helping reduce the risk of fall accidents, among 37,000 patients between 2015 and 2016. They found that the implementation of the toolkit directly resulted in a 15% drop in the number of patient falls recorded in these hospitals. It also directly contributed to a 34% reduction in the number of injuries that were sustained in these fall accidents.

According to the researchers, the primary take-home from the study is this – hospitals must engage with patients, and involve them in the implementation of strategies to help reduce falI accidents in the hospital. Increasing patient engagement and empowering patients in this manner can definitely help reduce the risk of these serious accidents. It’s not just patients who must be involved in these plans, but also the family members of patients as well as caregivers, who must be included in these strategies. The toolkit has been made available online for free for hospitals to download and implement in their facilities.

Falls are a major source of injuries for patients in hospital. There are a number of causes of these accidents. Primary among these is staff shortages in hospitals, and fewer staff members around to handle the strenuous tasks involved in shifting and moving patients. Many hospitals also do not have clearly outlined procedures and policies in place for the prevention of fall accidents, which makes it much more likely for these accidents to occur. Lack of communication among members of a team can also contribute to fall accidents, especially when members are unaware of a patient’s specific medical history, including a history of fall accidents. Hospitals that fail to foster and promote a culture of safety and accountability are also much more likely to see high rates of fall accidents.

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