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Worrisome State of Georgia’s County-Maintained Roads

A new report finds that many county-maintained roads in Georgia have been chronically undermaintained and in poor shape, increasing the risk of accidents for motorists travelling on these roads.

That information was published in a recent report by transportation research non-profit group, TRIP. The group recently released a report titled Moving Georgia Forward: Road and Bridge Conditions, Traffic Safety, Travel Trends and Funding Needs in the Atlanta region. The group conducted a survey of a number of counties in the state starting from 2019 and ending in 2020, specifically focusing on the condition of the transportation network of the state. The survey found that as many as 22% of roads in Georgia that are maintained by counties, are in substandard condition.

Not only are these roads in poor condition, but there also does not seem to be any hurry to get these roads fixed any time soon. Funding shortages will only ensure that many of these roads will continue to be deficient well into 2021 and beyond. At the current funding rate, only approximately 12% of the total number of miles of roads that are in need of repair work, including resurfacing, will be fixed in 2020. Overall, only 52% of the total amount of funding that is required to fix the entire network of county-maintained roads, is available for use. Hundreds of thousands of people use these county roads on a regular basis, and when these roads are poorly maintained and unsafe, they pose a serious risk of accidents to motorists.

When it comes to bridges, the picture is even more dire. According to the same report, as many as 10% of bridges in Georgia are deficient, and in need of repairs.  The report identified several criteria to classify a bridge as being “unsafe” or “deficient.” The criteria included restriction of the use of the bridge to only lighter vehicles, restricted entry for large commercial vehicles, or deterioration of bridge components.

Increasing the integrity of transportation infrastructure must be a key component in the state’s plan to make Georgia roads safer for all. The metro Atlanta region alone sees thousands of accidents every year, and many of these accidents end in serious injuries or deaths. State transportation authorities have lofty ambitions of reducing the number of people killed in accidents on our roads every year, but they must recognize that prioritizing the upgradation of transportation infrastructure will be a key element of those plans. Whether the state meets its goal of minimizing accident rates and reducing severe injuries to passengers and motorists during accidents will depend heavily on how the state decides to fund its transportation infrastructure requirements.

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