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Women vs. Men- Who Has the Greater Car Accident Risk?

A  safety group in France is advising male drivers to drive more like female drivers in order to reduce their risks of being involved in auto accidents.  This  has raised the age old question –  are female drivers truly safer than men?

According to the group, which advocates for victims of car accidents, female drivers in France are less likely to be involved in fatal car accidents compared to males. The group says that 84% of all fatal car accidents involve male drivers.  It also claims that 93% of all drunk driving-related car accidents involve males.

Here in the United States as well, there has been data to show that female drivers do tend to be involved in fewer fatal car accidents compared to males.    One of the reasons could be the fact that males simply drive more vehicular  miles contributing to higher accident risks.

However, it cannot be denied that male drivers are also much more susceptible to dangerous driving behaviors, including speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol which are more likely to result in fatal accidents.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, for instance, says that over the past, there has been a consistent trend in a higher rate of alcohol-related car accidents involving male drivers compared to female motorists. Male drivers are also less likely to wear seatbelts and  more likely to engage in aggressive driving actions that increase their risk  of being involved in a fatal accident. Male drivers are much more likely to engage in speeding, and those rates are significantly higher for motorists below 20 years of age.

Even in other types of accidents like motorcycle accidents, males take the lead.  Males are more likely to avoid wearing helmets which increases their risks of suffering fatal head injuries in a motorcycle accident.  Even when you account for the larger percentage of male motorcyclists compared to females, the disparity in injury rates is significantly greater.

However, the gap between male and female drivers in the United States is   beginning to narrow significantly as a result of safer automobiles and better crashworthiness.  As more motorists  walk away from serious car accidents with recoverable personal injuries, we are likely to see this gap narrow further in the days ahead. Whatever your gender, it is always smart to avoid dangerous practices like speeding or drunk driving.

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