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Many Patients on Life Support After Brain Injury Could Possibly Recover

A new study finds that many patients who are on life support after suffering a brain injury could actually make a recovery.

In cases of a severe brain injury after an auto accident, truck accident or any other kind of accident where there has been severe trauma to the head, doctors may make the decision to place the person on life support.  The  decision to end life support is  an excruciatingly painful decision for family members to make.  In  many cases, the decision is taken within 72 hours after the person has suffered the brain injury.  However,  the results of a new study seems to indicate that waiting longer to remove life support may be beneficial.

For the study, the researchers examined data involving 3,100 patients who had suffered traumatic brain injury and had to be immediately transferred to a hospital. Out of these, 90 patients were removed from life support within a few days and died soon after.  For purposes of comparison, the researchers then focused on a group of 90 patients who were very similar to the first group on most counts, but continued to remain on life support.

They found that in this group of patients, 30% recovered after being on life support.  Recovery was not complete, but many patients did emerge into   semi -independent lives within 6 months. Even the ones who survived a disabling injury still managed to recover enough ability to participate in some functions, while others who suffered less disabling brain injuries were actually able to return to a normal life. Recovery rates were even better among younger patients.  In this group, at least 50% of the patients were able to recover to a normal life and were able to regain some level of independence.

The researchers warn against assuming that the decision not to terminate life support is always the right decision in every circumstance.  They also point out the high likelihood that most persons who are on life support will die at some point, even if life support is continued for months, but they are asking hospitals and experts to take other factors into consideration before advising families on termination of life support. They specifically are asking for better cooperation and collaboration between critical care doctors, who see a very different side of the patient, and rehabilitation professionals.  Critical care physicians, for example, may see the patient in his absolute worst medical condition and may make decisions based on that condition.

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