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Women Involved in More Two Vehicle Car Accidents Than Men

An analysis of auto accidents involving both genders over a period of 20 years has found that female drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents with other female motorists than men. As an Atlanta car accident lawyer I have not noticed that this has occurred and believe that the study is likely in error. There is no logical reason to expect to see this differential.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University Of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, and analyzed car accident data involving two-vehicle auto accidents between 1988 and 2007.The accidents occurred when the drivers involved were traveling for personal reasons.Men travel approximately 50% of the time for such personal travel, and women travel about 40% of the time.The researchers therefore, expected a higher rate of overall accidents involving men.They expected about 36% of accidents to involve men, and less than 60% of the accidents to involve women.

What they found however, was that women were more likely to be involved in two-vehicle accidents with female motorists.There was a higher rate of such accidents in situations like sideswiping, head-on collisions, crossing another vehicle’s path and turning in front of another vehicle.When both motorists were female, the frequency of accidents increased by as much as 50%.Further, women were much more likely to be involved in sideswiping accidents with another female driver, with a 52% increased frequency of such accidents.

The analysis doesn’t offer any reasons why female drivers are at such a high risk of being involved in accidents with other female drivers in spite of the fact that male drivers overall are involved in far higher accident numbers.I think more research in this area would indicate that this study is flawed.

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