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Children Narrowly Escape Injuries in Fulton County Truck Accident

Several children barely escaped injuries when a work truck crashed into a swimming pool in Johns Creek, Fulton County this week.The accident occurred on Monday, when the work truck crashed through a fence surrounding the pool, and into the water.There were about 12 people in the water at the time, including children.At least one child escaped injuries when the truck flew right over his head and into the pool.According to witnesses at the scene, another child almost got sucked under the truck.

This accident proves to Atlanta car accident lawyers the crash risks involving motorists with chronic illnesses.However, the risks to drivers who suffer a medical condition at the wheel would soon be reduced if plans to develop a car that monitors human health come to fruition.

It is extremely fortunate that no one was injured in this accident.Police believe that the driver had a medical condition and blacked out at the wheel, causing him to lose control of his vehicle.It was most likely a diabetic coma that caused him to black out.The driver sustained minor injuries, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.No charges have been filed against him.

Ford Motor Company recently announced that it is working together with a number of medical and health technology companies to develop human health monitoring systems for its vehicles.These technologies would be incorporated into Ford’s Sync system.So far, the company has tested an allergy monitoring system that would use web-based information and the car’s GPS to display pollen levels in the road that the driver wants to take.Engineers have also tested a device that continuously monitors a diabetic driver’s glucose levels, letting him know when he is in danger of his levels dropping too low.What’s more, the device will even direct him to the nearest restaurant, and suggest foods that will help increase blood sugar levels.

With more Americans suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases, Atlanta personal injury lawyers expect an increased demand for health monitoring technology like this.

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