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Top Factors that Contribute to Auto Accident Deaths

A Forbes report presents a fascinating look at accident fatality statistics, going beyond the usual cut and dry numbers.Using data compiled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Traffic Safety Center at UCB, the report provides a breakdown of the most dangerous times for motorists to be on the streets, and the data is just as apt for Georgia as it is for other states.

Saturday happens to be the most dangerous day of the week, which isn’t surprising because this is part of the weekend, with a higher risk of drunk driving.August is the most dangerous month of the year, and the hours between 5 and 6 pm are the most dangerous minutes to be on the road. The first day after a snowstorm increases your risk of an accident-related fatality by 14 percent, and if you escape an accident on Thanksgiving, there’s reason to be doubly grateful because the weekend is the most hazardous time of the entire year to be driving.The Fourth of July tends to be the most dangerous day of the year.

This doesn’t mean that merely being on the roads during these dangerous times is enough to up your risk factor.Simple acts like wearing seat belts and driving within posted speed limits markedly reduce a person’s risk of being involved in an accident.People who were talking on their cell phones were up to four times more likely to meet with an accident. Drinking and driving was, not surprisingly, another factor in causing accident-related deaths.

The safest times to drive are middle days of the week like Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the safest hours are between 3 and 4 in the early morning.

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