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DeKalb County Pedestrian Accident Probe May lead to Defective Road

In a tragic pedestrian accident, 7-year-old Cameron Dunmore was struck and killed by an SUV, while he was crossing on a crosswalk near his school, Princeton Elementary School in DeKalb County on Monday.The second grader was at a marked school crossing, and the guard even had the Stop sign out for drivers to see. The SUV driver, a parent of another child at the same school, failed to stop for unknown reasons, and struck Cameron. Now, reports suggest that a missing traffic light which was recently removed from near the school could have played a preventive role in the accident.

According to residents of the area, they had written a letter to County authorities about the missing traffic light, and the need to have it installed back at the spot as quickly as possible. The area is a school zone, and can be extremely busy, especially during school opening and closing hours.The Country authorities seem to have slept on the matter. There was an assessment made of the zone, and not much happened after that.Even the principal of the school had been contacted by parents who were afraid that speeding cars and high traffic at busy times could cause an accident. County officials have not yet confirmed if they received any complaints from parents about the lack of a traffic light near the school, or whether they plan to install a light at the spot.

Investigations into the crash will likely look at several factors that may have contributed to the accident.For instance, why didn’t the SUV driver stop at the crossing?Did the County receive a petition to install a light, and if yes, why were these pleas ignored?Depending on the answers to these questions, liability for this pedestrian accident fatality can be ascertained.

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