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Tips for Safe Holiday Gift Shopping for Children

Most retailers across the country are reporting early holiday shopping this year as consumers start buying for family, co-workers, and friends.Many of those gifts will include children’s accessories, toys, and other products. This is the right time of the year to remind parents that the toys and products that they choose for their children must be safe from the risk of injuries.
Most injuries related to children’s products involve the face and head, including a large number to the eyes and forehead area. Unfortunately, there are far too many children’s toys that come with removable parts and sharp parts that pose a serious eye injury hazard.When you buy toys as gifts this holiday season, avoid toys that come with protruding parts, spikes, or sharp or pointed edges.

Avoid buying guns and shooting toys, or toys that come with parts that fly off. These can actually turn into dangerous projectiles, and can cause injuries not just to the child who is using the toy, but also other children and adults in the environment.

Before you buy the toy, decide whether the toy is appropriate for the child’s age. In fact, if you are buying toys with sharp edges, or projectile components, it is best to also consider whether the child has younger siblings.Very often, toys that are safer for an older child find their way into the hands of younger siblings in the house, and cause injuries.

If you are gifting sports equipment this holiday season, make sure that you buy appropriate safety gear as well. Don’t leave it to parents to buy appropriate safety gear including eye and face masks, helmets, and other equipment. For instance, if you are buying a baseball or softball, a helmet has to be part of the gift.

Avoid buying toys with small or removable parts for young children. These parts can easily detach, and pose a serious ingestion or choking hazard.

Before you buy a toy, read all warnings and instructions on the packaging.This will give you a better idea about whether the toy is appropriate for the child.

If you’re buying sunglasses as gifts, check to make sure that the lenses and frames are of a sturdy material, and will not break and enter the child’s eyes.

Look up Consumer Product Safety Commission recall listings to make sure that the toys that you are considering buying is not already on a recall list. If products are on the recall list, they are there for a reason. They may not have been involved in any injuries, but may have the potential to cause serious injuries.

Have a Great Holiday Season and Be Safe!

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