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Georgia State Agencies Urge Safe Travel over Holidays

The year’s busiest travel season has begun, and a number of Georgia state agencies are joining hands to educate motorists about the need to drive safely during the holidays. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the Georgia State Patrol are encouraging motorists to avoid speeding and distractions, and concentrate on getting to their destination safely.
Just before Thanksgiving and New Year’s day, we see the heaviest amount of traffic on GA roadways.Not surprisingly, the accident, injury and fatality rate is also very high during these weeks. Every year, the Georgia State Patrol calls attention to the need to reduce speed, eliminate distractions at the wheel, and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These three factors account for a majority of all traffic accident fatalities that occur during the holiday season.

It is important to remember that many motorists over the holiday season are in a hurry to finish their shopping, meet up with friends, and take part in other activities. Many of these motorists will be driving at excessive speeds, and even if you don’t plan to drive at high speeds, know that there will be many speeding motorists on the road this holiday season. While you can’t do anything to change other motorists’ driving habits, you can increase your chances of being safe and reduce the risk of a fatal accident by making sure that you and everybody else in your car is safely buckled-up.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is another major highway safety threat that Georgia State agencies are focusing on this holiday season. With all the parties that mark the season, there are likely to be more than a few intoxicated motorists on our roads and highways. Never drive under the influence of alcohol, or with someone that has been drinking or taking drugs. Don’t overestimate your capacity for alcohol, and realize that a couple of beverages at a number of different venues in the course of a single evening can result in high intoxication levels. It may not be difficult to completely keep away from the spirits this season, but if you must drink, make arrangements to get home safely. If in a group, designate a sober driver for the evening, and if no one can remain sober, arrange for a taxi home.

Avoid all distractions while at the wheel. Distracted driving is going to be a huge highway safety threat this season, and in 2012, is believed to have contributed to more than 3,000 traffic accident fatalities. Switch off your cell phone while driving, avoid the need to frequently change radio channels, and focus on getting to your destination safely.

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