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Three Killed in Stone Mountain Freeway Van Accident

Three Killed in Stone Mountain Freeway Van Accident

At least three people, all employees of Georgia Power, were killed in a deadly van accident on Stone Mountain Freeway on Tuesday afternoon. Six other people have sustained critical injuries.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a van with 9 people inside was struck by a Dodge Stratus, which clipped the van when it tried to make a lane change. The van flipped over from the impact, and was severely damaged. Emergency crews had to cut through the roof of the van to rescue the victims trapped inside. The critically injured were rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.

The van was a Southern Company van, and all the occupants worked for Georgia Power. According to family members of the injured, the group has been car pooling for more than 10 years now. DeKalb Police are indicating that the sedan driver could face charges. None of the occupants of the sedan were injured.

Our hearts go out to the families of the three victims in this tragedy, and our prayers are with those who still remain in critical condition in hospitals in Atlanta.

Auto Accidents can Leave Victims Physically, Financially, Emotionally Shattered

For someone who’s never been involved in a serious accident, it’s hard to understand the anguish of those who survive a crash. The hours and days after an accident can be extremely traumatic, not just for the victim, but also the family. Victims will require not just emergency care, but depending on the extent of their injuries, may also undergo life saving surgeries in the initial hours after the accident. When their condition begins to improve, there may be physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions to regain lost strength.

For families of these victims, the journey through the ordeal can be equally traumatic. They are required to stay strong for the victim, and in case of spouses, keep the family going and home fires burning while their loved ones recuperate. All this can take an unimaginable toll on these people. They are in need of financial support, and have also been left emotionally battered by their experiences.

It’s what we keep foremost in our minds when accident victims and their families come to meet with us to consult with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

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