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Big Rig Crackdown in Chatham County Reveals Maintenance Issues

Big Rig Crackdown in Chatham County, Georgia Reveals Maintenance Issues

A new task force in Garden City, Chatham County is cracking down on truckers to keep unsafe big rigs off the roads and prevent accidents. The first few days of the crackdown have already revealed severe maintenance issues that could place tractor trailer drivers at possible risk of an accident.

Members of the task force know that while a tractor trailer may look like it’s in perfect condition, there may be several maintenance issues that can place the vehicle at risk of an accident. The task force is already seeing some major maintenance problems on some of the trucks that have been pulled over. For instance, they have found trucks with a variety of maintenance issues, including malfunctioning lights, loose straps securing cargo, nearly bald tires with little tread and a host of other issues.

Unfortunately, motorists who share a highway with a big rig may assume that the larger vehicle is in good condition for the roads. As Georgia truck accident lawyers, we often see that that’s not the case at all. Lack of maintenance can increase the risk of an accident significantly. Accidents can be triggered by damaged brakes and brake lights, bald tires, loose lug nuts on the tire, malfunctioning steering wheel mechanisms, and other problems.

There’s much that trucking companies and drivers can do to make sure that their trucks don’t malfunction contributing to a collision. Companies are required to maintain a properly functioning fleet. Trucks must be well maintained, and trucks that need repairs must be put out of service until those repairs are performed. The trucker has a responsibility to conduct a pre-trip instruction before he sets out for the day. Unfortunately, truckers are often under strict and tight delivery schedules, and may neglect to conduct an inspection of the truck. The consequences for other motorists may be extremely serious.

A poorly maintained truck doesn’t have to be directly involved in a collision with another vehicle to cause injuries. Injuries and fatalities have occurred in the past when loose lug nuts on a tire came off, causing the wheel to roll away and into cars nearby. In other cases, motorists have been seriously injured from unsecured or improperly secured cargo falling off a truck, and on to a vehicle.

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