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These Three Dog Breeds are Banned by Insurers for Their Bite Risks

Summer is when there is typically an uptick in the number of dog bites and attacks reported across Georgia and the rest of the country.  Did you know  that there are three dog breeds that most home insurance companies simply refuse to include in their dog bite liability coverage?

Many insurance companies have breed lists that include breeds of dogs that the company will not cover if the customer has the specified breed of dog in their home.  Most  insurance companies, for instance, refuse to include  Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers and pit bulls in their  liability coverage.  That  means that if you are a homeowner who owns one of these breeds, you are  likely to find yourself in serious financial trouble if your dog attacks another person and that person brings a dog bite claim for damages against you.

While some insurance companies have such breed lists, others may consider whether they will provide coverage for these dogs on a case -by – case basis. For instance, many insurance companies refuse to extend coverage when a  homeowner has a dog that has been tagged as a “vicious dog” on the premises. A “vicious dog” is one that has been involved in an attack or a bite involving injuries or damage.

There are other breeds including Malamutes and Siberian Huskies that also feature on these lists, but Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers and pit bulls are banned on almost all homeowner’s insurance company policies. Dog owners have long complained about the presence of these breed lists, saying that these bans discriminate against dog breeds, while removing all responsibility from the owners of these breeds.  However, the fact is that statistically some breeds are much more likely to be involved in an attack or cause serious damage to a victim compared to others.

Home insurance companies have reason to be wary when it comes to certain breeds of dogs.  The average dog bite insurance claim in the United States is worth more than $44,000. These claims can be filed when a dog attacks a person on the homeowner’s property or jumps on him, causing injuries.

Summer is when the number of dog bites around the Atlanta region spike.  Most dog bite attacks involve victims between the ages of 5 and 9, and these   children are on vacation during this time.  Additionally, most people visit    parks and beaches with children during summer, and this results in more interaction between dogs and human beings, with sometimes terrible consequences. It is important to remember that adults should be careful when interacting with dogs they do not know, especially when they have children with them.

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