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Even Mild Brain Injury can Increase Risk of Criminal Behavior

Traumatic  brain injuries like those that typically result from auto accidents, pedestrian accidents and slip and falls can have a number of long term consequences.  A new study finds that the risk of criminal behavior increases after even a mild brain injury. This increased risk is something that has to be considered when litigating personal injury claims.

The study was conducted in New Zealand, and found that a brain injury does not have to be severe in order to have effects that result in criminal behavior.  Even a mild brain injury like a concussion can significantly increase a person’s risk of engaging in criminal behavior.

The analysis found that people with a brain injury had a higher rate of criminal convictions and arrests, compared to persons who had not suffered a brain injury.  Further, the risk of criminal behavior seemed to increase with the number of brain injuries the person had suffered.  A  higher number of concussions translated into a higher risk of criminal activity.

The link between brain injury and criminal behavior has been proved earlier, but earlier studies found a link between serious brain injury or moderate brain injury with an increased risk of criminal  actions. The results of this study, however,  are particularly concerning because they indicate that a person does not have to suffer even a moderate injury for the injury to significantly alter his personality and temperament, and increase his risk of criminal behavior.

One reason why a traumatic brain injury could increase the risk of criminal behavior is the irritability or loss of control over one’s emotions that a brain injury can cause.  A  typical traumatic brain injury  results in a higher state of emotion as well as serious cognitive difficulties, both of which can increase a person’s risk of reacting negatively to situations.  Traumatic brain injury is also   linked to an increase in drug and alcohol dependency, and, if these problems already existed in the person, then a brain injury could only exacerbate these further, leading to an increased risk for criminal activity. Even existing mental health conditions could be aggravated by a traumatic brain injury, increasing the person’s risk for criminal behavior.

Traumatic brain injuries are catastrophic injuries whose impact is not short term, but may be felt throughout the person’s life.  These injuries can cause a significant drop in the quality of a person’s life, restricting his mobility and independence, affecting changes in his mood, temperament and personality, straining his personal relationships,  and contributing to a variety of other  effects on his life.

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