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The Impact of Automated Enforcement on Minimizing Car Accidents

The use of automated enforcement like red light camera systems can be a sensitive and touchy subject for most Atlanteans,  but as federal administration officials focus harder on preventing auto accident wrongful deaths and serious personal injuries, the presence of such systems on American roads is only likely to increase.

A recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Association and State Farm focused on the various types of automated enforcement  systems that are currently in place on American roads, effectiveness  of these systems and the sensitivities  involved in the implementation of these systems.  The  most common automated enforcement technologies  currently on our roads include red light camera systems, speed camera systems and school bus stop arm camera systems.  Some jurisdictions have also begun preliminary  experimentation with  cameras to identify when people  are driving without seatbelts and when motorists are using cell phones while driving.

The need for automotive enforcement, especially speed camera systems, has become even more dire over the past few years as speeding  rates across the country have skyrocketed.  The  number of people being killed in car accidents directly related to speeding has also   increased.  Law  enforcement departments across the country have been struggling with reduced  staffing, and that has meant departments looking more and more towards the use of automation to help with enforcement.

In  most cases, these camera systems take photographs of the license plates of offending motorists and send speeding tickets to the drivers. Georgia is one of several states that allow both red light camera systems as well as speeding cameras for enforcement. No state currently has any kind of  legally valid automated  enforcement in place for  distracted driving.  Efforts to legislate the use of  cameras to curb distracted driving in some states have failed.  However, as the role of distraction as a factor in car accidents continues to expand, departments across the country are also beginning to consider if it is time for camera systems to also look out for motorists using cell phones and other devices while driving. These systems have been found to be very effective in helping reduce auto accident numbers in Australia and other countries.

As  the federal administration proceeds with its National Roadway Safety Strategy initiative which aims at reducing the number of people being killed in car accidents every year, it is clear that the use of such camera systems will have to increase. Safety organizations also agree.  The National Transportation Safety Board, for instance, recommends automated enforcement as a measure against car accidents.

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