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Brain Implant Helps Car Accident Victims Recover Cognitive Abilities

One  of the most devastating consequences of a brain injury after a car accident is the effect on a person’s cognitive abilities. A new study finds that a brain stimulator device can help a person recover these critical abilities after a personal injury.

The findings of the study were published in a recent issue of the Nature Medicine journal. The researchers implanted the stimulators in the brains of persons who had suffered brain injuries as a result of trauma.  The  implants were left on for about 12 hours a day and the participants spent 3 months with the implants.

The research by scientists at Stanford University found that the implantation of the deep brain stimulator helped trigger  electric activity in brain neurons that had been left damaged after trauma. While  the researchers were hoping for a 10% increase in mental processing as a result of the implantation of the device, they  were surprised to find that the improvement was as high as 32% in the patients. What is even more promising is that the device can help with impairments that have occurred as a result of old brain injuries. According to the scientists, the device offers great hope to persons who have suffered injuries that have left them with memory loss and poor thinking skills.

Injury to the brain can happen when a person suffers a jolt or a blow to the head.   Car accidents, motorcycle accidents or bicycle accidents are common causes of such brain injuries as a result of severe trauma to the head.  Some   of the long term consequences of these injuries can include impaired memory, poor concentration abilities, lack of attention, and impaired cognitive thinking.  All  of these impairments put together can have a devastating impact on a person ‘s ability to lead a normal life. The person may struggle with basic routine activities that he was able to perform without any trouble before the injury.  The inability to articulate or to communicate as well as other impairments can also bring about frustration and irritability, even placing the person at risk of depression and other mental illnesses.

A brain injury after a car accident can mean long term health consequences    that can affect your ability to earn a living and live a normal productive life.  Filing a claim after you have suffered brain injuries in a car accident, therefore, requires that you factor in all of the expenses that you are likely to incur not just over the next few months, but also over the long term.

The Atlanta car accident lawyers  at Katz Personal Injury Lawyers are dedicated to the representation of persons who have suffered car accidents in the metro Atlanta region and across the state of Georgia.  If your  loved one has suffered  brain injuries in a car accident, talk to an attorney  at our firm and discuss your  legal options for a claim for damages.   A claim  can help you recover damages  not just for medical expenses and lost income, but also for  medical and other costs that you are expected to incur in the future as well.

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