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Whiplash injuries are some of the more common injuries suffered by people who have been in a car accident.  Whiplash injuries are often seen in fender-bender accidents when a car has been rear-ended by another vehicle.  Surprisingly, as many as a million people suffer whiplash injuries every year in such crashes.

Though these are not life threatening injuries, they can be extremely painful, and can impede a person’s ability to perform his or her daily functions. Unfortunately, these injuries tend to be often neglected which can lead to serious complications.  Whiplash injuries are not visible to the naked eye, and in most cases, there is no swelling or inflammation with these injuries. In fact in most situations, the symptoms of whiplash may not be seen immediately after the injury.  What’s more, doctors may not test for whiplash unless symptoms are seen, which only further delays treatment.

Whiplash injuries occur when the force of the impact causes the head and the neck to be thrown back and forth at high speeds. Injuries may involve the neck and shoulder muscles, bones, and tendons.  These injuries can occur even in low-speed or low-impact accidents.

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