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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that partially automated driving systems in several vehicles are not very effective in helping prevent distracted driving. In fact, automated driving systems are likely to increase distracted driving auto accidents.

Partial automated driving systems are present in several automobiles these days.  These are not technically self -driven cars, although manufacturers sometimes do position these as self -driven vehicles. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, its researchers analyzed a number of vehicles manufactured by major automakers, including BMW, and found that many of these systems fail at protecting motorists  against distractions or helping them focus on the road.

Many motorists prefer partial autonomous  systems because they believe these make driving easier. These  systems have  a few safety features that are automated, but drivers are responsible for tackling many of the routine tasks involved in driving.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analyzed vehicles manufactured by BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford and General Motors, and found specific challenges   with the way the partial automated systems in these vehicles failed to address problems involving driver distraction.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study found that while many of the systems do  have some safeguards in place to protect drivers,  these safeguards are not robust enough to help prevent car accidents.

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