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Older people who suffer mild mental declines are likely to make the decision to give up driving in order to eliminate their risks  of being involved in auto accidents.

Concerns  about senior drivers have increased over the past decade with the increase in the number of motorists above the age of 65 driving on our streets.  With life expectancies at all time highs,  it is natural that we see many  senior drivers on our roads.  Driving  is  key to senior  physical and mental health.  However, seniors may suffer from several age- related declines and  impairments that reduce their ability to drive safely and increase their risks of being involved in a car accident.  Vision  may begin to fail and hearing may become less sharp as the years go by.  Even  more disturbing are the mental or cognitive declines that seniors may face as they get older.

A new study finds that most seniors who   begin to suffer mental declines like forgetfulness make the decision to give up driving on their own. As part of the study, the researchers tracked  213 seniors above the age of 72.    None  of the seniors suffered from symptoms of mental decline at the beginning of the study,  but as the years progressed, some of them began to suffer from deficiencies  including impairment in memory, judgment and reasoning.

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