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A  study published recently finds race -based differences in how nursing homes report fall accidents and pressure ulcers involving residents on their premises.  These  differences could make it difficult for families of elderly persons looking for reliable nursing homes for their loved ones.

The results of the study were published recently in the JAMA journal. The researchers set out to compare nursing home characteristics with the reporting of bed sores -also known as pressure ulcers – and fall accidents in specific nursing homes.  The researchers found to their dismay that the federal website that contains information about specific accidents and injuries in nursing homes actually underreports data on fall accidents and pressure ulcers.

Much of the difference in the reporting also seems to be based on race. Nursing homes that have predominantly white residents are much more likely to report high numbers of fall accidents compared to pressure ulcers, and are  also much more likely to report fall accidents more accurately.  Similarly,  nursing homes with majority black residents are much more likely to report a higher incidence of pressure ulcers compared to fall accidents. Predominantly black facilities are more likely to report pressure ulcers more accurately. Overall, the researchers say the better your reporting on fall accidents, the lesser your likelihood of reporting bed sores.

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