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Study Points to Benefits of Clothing, Helmets in Preventing Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most devastating of all motor vehicle accidents in the metro Atlanta region.  Due to the unenclosed nature of motorcycle riding, it comes as no surprise that a motorcyclist is much more likely to be sustain serious and even fatal injuries in an accident as opposed to victims in other types of auto accidents.

A new study focuses on the injury prevention benefits provided by appropriate clothing and helmets in reducing the risk of fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents.  According to the new study which was conducted at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, motorcyclists are approximately 25 to 30 times more likely to be killed in an accident compared to other motorists, even after taking into account a number of other factors that could affect fatality rates.

The lead researchers involved in the study focused specifically on the key factors involved in motorcycle accidents and the mitigation strategies that could be employed to reduce these risks.  According to the researchers, there is no comprehensive evidence available that specifically measures the harm that motorcyclists sustain in accidents. The researchers made use of the Injury Severity Score that rates the seriousness of injuries, and data collected from the Motorcycle Crash Causation Study.

The researchers looked at the key risk factors that cause motorcycle accidents and applied them to various contexts, including driving conditions. In particular, the researchers focused on 3 important components that can affect the risk of injuries in a motorcycle accident – the brightness of the motorcyclist’s clothing at the time of the accident, the use and fit of helmets, as well as the whether the motorcyclist had undergone any training or education programs.

According to their studies, motorcyclists who were not wearing bright, reflective clothing were much more likely to suffer injuries in an accident, compared to motorcyclists who were wearing reflective clothing. Wearing reflective clothing is a simple and one of the more effective ways by which a motorcyclist can reduce the risk of injuries in an accident.   Wearing reflective clothing increases the visibility of a motorcyclist making it much more likely that motorists will see him thereby reducing the risk of a collision.

A proper fitting helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment and probably a major protector against injuries during a motorcycle accident.  However, partially covered helmets provide a lower degree of protection, compared to full -face helmets, therefore a rider should always opt for the latter.

The researchers also found that the risk of injury increased when motorcyclists wore regular shoes instead of special shoes designed for motorcycle riding. Your motorcycle gear should include not just a helmet, but also motorcycle-specific clothing such as padded jackets, gloves, and boots that help you maintain control over the motorcycle.

The researchers also found that having taken a proper motorcycling training program reduced the risk of being involved in an accident.  The researchers believe that their findings will be useful not just for motorcyclists, but also for motorcycle manufacturers, technology developers and others.

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