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GHSA Report: Speeding is a Major Contributor to Teen Accident Deaths

Teens account for a greater proportion of all speeding-related accident deaths in the United States, compared to all other age groups. Those disturbing facts come from a new report by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, which analyzed data between 2015 and 2019.

The report found that teen motorists, as well as their passengers between the ages of 16 and 19, accounted for a much higher proportion of accident deaths that were caused by speeding, with 43% of deaths occurring in this age group. In all other age groups, speeding accounted for approximately 30% of all deaths during the same time period.

According to the report, there were a total of 4,930 fatalities in accidents that were caused by speeding, between 2015 and 2019.  During this time, there were 15,510 teen driver and passenger accident deaths, and more than 5,200 of those occurred in accidents that were caused by speeding.

The report doesn’t come as too much of a surprise for Atlanta car accident lawyers.  One well-known finding of the report is that teen drivers who are killed in car accidents are much more likely to be male. They are also much more likely to have been involved in high-impact accidents that result in catastrophic injuries.  These high-impact collisions are much more likely to cause a vehicle rollover crash, resulting in a type of accident that typically results in serious injuries or deaths. The report found that teenage males are also much more likely to be involved in accidents that result in their vehicles running off the road, or drive without wearing a seatbelt which can also lead to devastating injuries if they are in an accident.

The issue of speeding as a major contributor to car accident death numbers is receiving special focus during the pandemic. Contrary to expectations, the number of accident-related deaths, not just in Atlanta but across the country, has actually increased during the pandemic. Speeding is being blamed in part for this disturbing phenomenon. As states like Georgia started implementing shelter-in-place restrictions, the streets went empty, encouraging drivers, especially teens, to drive recklessly and at excessive speeds.

Additionally, parents have been busy with other concerns during the pandemic, and have had little time to guide or train their teen drivers. An entire generation of teen drivers has begun driving during the pandemic with minimal training and little oversight, not just from parents, but also from law enforcement officers. Several Georgia counties reduced the number of officers in charge of implementing or enforcing important laws, especially those related to speeding during the pandemic, possibly contributing to increased number of accidents related to driving at excessive speeds.

Accidents caused by speeding are typically high – impact accidents that result in serious injuries, or even death. If your loved one has suffered fatal injuries in a speeding – related car accident, talk to an Atlanta wrongful death attorney at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers, and discuss your options for a claim for damages. You may be eligible for a claim that recovers compensation for funeral and burial costs, lost financial support and other damages. Talk to a lawyer at our firm, and discuss your case. Initial consultations are free.

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