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Stronger Seat Belt Reminder Systems Could Prevent Minivan Car Accident Injuries

More  lives could potentially be saved in  auto accidents involving minivans every year if these vehicles came with stronger and more efficient seat belt warning systems.

A  new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety highlights the fact that far too many minivan models simply do not have effective and efficient seatbelt reminder systems in place.  This  is even more alarming when you consider that these vehicles are mainly purchased by families with young children.

The  minivan is the ubiquitous symbol of the young American family.  For  decades,  Americans with young families have been buying minivans for their very specific travel needs.   However, failure to use proper restraint systems has disastrous consequences for America’s children.  In  2020,  more than one-third of children below the age of 12 killed in car accidents were not properly restrained at the time.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted an analysis of at least 4 minivan models and compared the performances of the seatbelt reminder systems in these vehicles.  They  found that only one brand of minivan had an effective seat belt reminder system in place.  Not  only did this model have a solid seat belt reminder system for the front seat passengers, but it also included an efficient reminder system for the second row.  The  other three models ranked either average or fell short of the requirements in the comparison.

Under federal standards, seat belt  reminders must include an audible alert that lasts for at least between 4 to 8 seconds.  Any  visual alert that is included must last for at least 60 seconds after turning the ignition on.   Since those laws were passed, studies have indicated that longer audible alerts would be even more efficient in encouraging drivers and their passengers to buckle up. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in fact, has  conducted studies that show that effective seat belt reminder systems can increase seat belt usage rates by as much as 34%.  Increased  rates of seat belt usage   could also help prevent as many as 1,500 car accident wrongful deaths every year.

Having  a long and audible seat belt reminder alert before you begin operating the car can help make sure that you and all the passengers in your car, including your children, are safely buckled in before you begin driving.  Checking  on whether your children are safely buckled in after you begin driving can be challenging and dangerous.

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