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Car Accident Prevention Technology can be Challenging to Repair

Auto Accident  prevention systems like front crash avoidance  technology and lane departure warning systems play a significant role in protecting motorists and passengers.  However,  when there is any malfunctioning or problems reported with these systems, repairs can be challenging to complete.

The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is reporting on a recent analysis of the repairs of auto crash prevention systems in automobiles.  Many of these systems including rear view camera systems and blind spot detection systems can play a tremendous role in helping keep motorists safe and preventing car accidents.  However,  when motorists take these cars in for repairs after the technology malfunctions or because the system is giving an error message, or  after an auto accident,  they find that repairs are not always satisfactory.  According to the study, many motorists continue to face problems with the technology even after repairs have apparently been completed.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study surveyed approximately 500 drivers.  Most  of the drivers in the study had taken in their car for repairs after experiencing problems with the safety technology in their automobile.  In  some cases, the problems appeared after an auto accident while in other cases, the repairs were the result of a recall or the result of a recommendation by the automobile repair shop. Repair issues were more likely to be seen when the car had been involved in a car accident.  Incomplete repairs were also much more likely to be seen in those cases in which the windshield replacement was required as part of auto repairs.

The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety researchers believe that the reason why so many repairs are  faulty in the case of windshield replacement is the need for recalibration of the system after the replacement. As many as two -thirds of the respondents in the survey required recalibration after their repairs, and these people were also the most likely to report that the repairs were not complete and that the problems continued to exist even after the repairs.  The recalibration of cameras and auto sensors becomes necessary after the windshield is replaced,  and often, the calibration is not complete or perfect.  That’s  because calibration of the technology is an important task that requires high end expertise,  the right  tools to calibrate the technology as well as large amounts of space. Not many auto repair facilities are equipped with these tools.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends that  auto manufacturers standardize the calibration processes involved in  these repairs and make them easier so that auto repair facilities are able to complete these  recalibrations without problems.

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