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Spinal Cord Injury Could Damage Immune System

Spinal cord injuries are serious personal injuries that can be caused after an auto accident.  New  research finds that these injuries, in addition to permanently impacting a person’s day to day functioning, can significantly damage a person’s  immunity,  exposing the patient to the risk of life-threatening    infections.

A spinal cord injury can result from any kind of blow or serous impact to the spine.  The  impact does not have to include a fracture.  A spinal cord injury can also be caused by crushing injuries or dislocation of the spine. For example, when a person is thrown about the inside of a car during an auto accident, she or he could suffer serious personal injuries to the spine.  A  motorcycle rider who is thrown off a motorcycle  could land on the ground with force that is significant enough to  fracture his spine. In fact, spine injuries are common in motorcycle accidents when a person is separated from the motorcycle.

The risk of paralysis is very serious after a  spinal cord injury.  These  consequences of a spinal injury can also  have a long term impact on a person’s health.    A new study finds that a spinal injury may also trigger immunodeficiency syndrome.  This  condition can result in a loss of immunity, thereby exposing the person to the risk of infections. The study was conducted by researchers on 111 patients who had suffered spinal cord injury.  They found that soon after a spinal cord injury, the number of antibodies in the body dropped.  There  was also a deactivation of the monocytes or white blood cells that are responsible for staving off infections.

Spinal injury patients are also at risk of other risk factors that can lead to a drop in their immunity, including hospitalization,  anesthesia  and lying  in bed  for long periods of time.  This new study, however, finds that  the injury on its own can  trigger  deactivation of immunity providing cells,  increasing the person’s risk of infections like sepsis.  These  are serious infections that can also result in death.

Spinal cord injury can result  in loss of movement and mobility,  loss of bowel and bladder control and  even respiratory problems.  It  can affect your ability to breath normally, and cough or remove secretions from your lungs.   A spinal cord injury  does not simply affect your ability to  work and provide  for your family, but may also   impact your ability to enjoy other aspects of your life.  For  example,  it is quite common for a spinal cord injury to have an impact  on a person’s sexual abilities or sexual performance.

Any  claim that seeks  to recover damages after a person has suffered a spinal cord injury must, therefore,  include all of the damages that the person has suffered and  is expected to suffer in the future in order to  both protect him or her financially as well as compensate him  for all his or her losses.

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