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Auto Braking Accident Prevention Systems could soon be Required on All Cars thus Greatly Reducing the Chance of a Car Accident

When a proposed new rule by the federal government becomes final, most cars in the United States will come with automatic emergency braking systems that will significantly reduce the risk of car accidents.

The  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a rule that would require the installation of automatic emergency braking systems on nearly all cars and pickup trucks in the United States.  The rule will require that all light passenger cars and trucks that weigh 10,000 pounds or  less come with these systems  after the publication of the final rule.  The rule will also require that automatic emergency braking systems recognize pedestrians at night.

After a period of 3 years from the final publication of the rule, all vehicles in the country will be required to have these systems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that a significant number of lives will be saved every year as a result of the widespread adoption of the technology.  It is specifically believed that 360 lives will be saved in car accidents every year and more than 24,000 injuries will be prevented as a result of the use of the technology.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that the technology would help prevent a large number of rear-ender accidents and would also make other types of accidents less destructive. The federal agency also believes that the adoption of the technology would lead to a reduction in the number of accidents involving pedestrians.  Since seat belts and airbags became mandatory in all cars, they have saved thousands of lives. It is hoped that automatic emergency braking systems can also do the same.

Automatic emergency braking systems work to help a car come to a complete stop in an emergency.  The system detects whether a vehicle is at risk of a collision, using a combination of sensors and other systems.  If the system expects a collision, then it acts automatically to apply the brakes, even if the motorist does not apply the brakes, causing the vehicle to come to a complete stop and preventing an auto accident.  If the driver has already applied the brakes, then the system works to increase the force of the braking so that a dangerous car accident is prevented.   According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the advantages of automatic braking systems are evident even in   moderate speed auto accidents.

Many cars already come with automatic emergency braking systems, but this step towards a final rule is welcome because it ensures that all American motorists will benefit from this safety technology.

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